Good vibes, great wines!


2021 Riverland Winery of the Year, Melbourne International Wine Competition


True wine lovers know a great bottle by name – and ours comes from one of the greatest in Greek mythology. 

Prometheus, one of the Titans and God of Fire, was credited with breathing life into clay, the most basic of ingredients, and using it to create human beings.

At Prometheus Wines, we create a similar transformation every day, turning grapes into top-quality wine, with one major difference: there’s nothing basic about our grapes. 

As the champions of the Riverland, we bring you bright, bold and emerging wine varieties and styles, reshaping the rules and bending the boundaries, just as Prometheus did, to create something new, different, and utterly delicious.

Prometheus Winemaker Daniel Zuzolo


A bottle of truly great wine starts in the soil, and the Riverland has all the roots of one of the greatest wine growing regions. 

Known as ‘the engine room of Australian wine’, we don’t just produce premium wines – we produce wine-lovers. Our varieties represent a new story for the region – drops that refuse to disappear into the ocean – and we’re proud to be part of each and every one.

From refreshing whites like Vermentino to vibrant reds like Grenache, Aglianico, and Barbera, and the delicate rosés in between, these bright, fresh flavours will have you proudly sharing our story too.


Like many great ideas, Prometheus was born out of animated late-night conversations over a few full glasses of red. 

We’re an eclectic group of friends but we share the same dream: to squeeze every opportunity for innovation out of each grape and savour the good times (usually with a well-matched cheese). 

Our winemaker, Daniel Zuzolo, is the beating heart of Prometheus Wines – and after more than two decades of experience in the vineyard it’s safe to say, he knows his stuff. 

Daniel is passionate about regionality, which is a winemaker word for “grapes grown in the right place”. Fortunately, his skillset marries perfectly with that of our growers and makes for some truly unique and mouth-watering wines. 

In the spirit of innovation, our growers have planted and nurtured fascinating emerging grape varieties that thrive in the warm, dry climate of the Riverland. Our goal now is to craft a new wave of polished and expressive wines that highlight and showcase the strengths of the Riverland – and we’d love to take your tastebuds on the journey with us.